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At Saint John's we provide religious education to children and youth from preschool through Grade 11.

Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten: Our youngest students meet together every Sunday during the school year in the lower church. Here they learn about God through stories, songs, activities and crafts. 

Grades 1-6: These students meet each Sunday in the classrooms of the lower church during the school year. We use the "Faith and Life" series, as well as other supplemental materials to make the classes engaging and interesting.

Grades 7-8: Our middle school students meet every Sunday during the school year in the Parish Center.  We use the "Faith and Life" series which teaches our Catholic Faith in an age-appropriate way, as well as adding in supplemental material as needed.

Grades 9-10: Ninth and Tenth grade students meet every other Sunday night during the school year in the Pastoral Center. We use the "Chosen" curriculum, which is a three year program that ends with Confirmation.

Grade 11: Confirmation students meet on Sunday evenings. We finish up the "Chosen" series that lead up from other grades, as well as Bible Studies from Focus Ministries. Through the course year, we encourage the students to engage with their faith in a deeper way, taking the responsibility of their personal faith from their parents on to themselves.

First Communion Class: Second grade is very exciting and special! This is the year that most children will receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Following the other grades, we use the "Faith and Life" series, with supplemental materials. Before their First Communion, we train the students in either singing in the choir or Altar serving, so that they may begin to serve once they receive their First Communion.

Any child of any age is welcome to join our Religious Education program. If you have an older child that has not received the Sacraments, please reach out and we will work to get him/her prepared. There are many ways to come to Jesus, and many ways for a child to learn. If you have any questions, please contact me.


Classroom Locations:

All classes are held on the St. John's campus located at:

833 Main Street, Agawam, MA  01001

Phone:  (413)786-8105, ext. 103

Email:  sje.religiouseducation@gmail.com

Please contact our Parish Office at any time if you have questions about our Religious Education program, whether you wish to join, visit us, or volunteer. Call the Office and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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